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"Each case and each client are unique and deserve an attorney who will dedicate time, attention, and care to the issues a client is facing."​
-Sherry R. Armstrong

Areas of Practice:

  • Felony
  • Misdemeanor
  • Juvenile
  • Narcotics/Drugs
  • Violent Crimes
  • Theft and Shoplifting
Aggressive Criminal Defense
  • DWI
  • Assaultive Offenses
It is likely that you are looking at this because you or someone you know has been arrested and charged with a criminal offense.  Don't wait, take action!  Call and get legal advice from a former prosecutor with 18 years experience in the Tarrant County court system.  Sherry Armstrong is focused on providing diligent criminal representation.  If you have been arrested and charged with a felony or misdemeanor offense, call for a free consultation.  Get the best results by inquiring about your criminal matter and learning the legal aspects of your case.  Sherry will guide you and provide you with every legal option available to help you get the best representation and defense for your case.
  • Domestic Violence
  • Weapons Violations
  • Early Termination of Probation
  • Expunctions and Non-Disclosures
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About Sherry

Sherry is focused on one thing: protecting and safeguarding her clients' rights and best interests. She does this by providing personalized and attentive legal representation that is hard to come by at many other firms. This is just one of the many factors that sets her apart from the rest.
Sherry has a unique blend of compassion and competitiveness. 
She grew up in Louisiana and was a competitive tennis player and ice skater.  She learned that hard work, dedication, and persistence give you an edge in battle.  Sherry uses this same determination and passion as a criminal defense attorney.
While earning her bachelor and masters degree in Business and Organizational Psychology, Sherry worked as a resident assistant, hall director, and area director in Residential Life at Louisiana Tech University, Southern Methodist University, and University of Houston. She had a knack for compassion as she assisted and encouraged the growth and development of her residents by listening and helping them to resolve their concerns and issues.
Sherry earned her Juris Doctor degree at Texas Wesleyan University (now Texas A&M) and graduated Cum Laude (top 3%).  She served as a Notes and Comments Editor on Law Review.

After law school, Sherry worked as an Assistant District Attorney negotiating hundreds of cases and honing her trial skills in a variety of areas including but not limited to Narcotics, Family Violence, Assaultive Offenses, DWI, Weapons Offenses, Theft Offenses, Murder/Manslaughter, Aggravated Robbery, and Sex crimes. 

As your attorney,  Sherry is dedicated to providing you with personalized and aggressive representation, as well as, guidance and support through the judicial process.  The repercussions of criminal charges can alter your life forever. Sherry is one with whom you can feel comfortable.  Her experience and skills as a trial lawyer have earned her a reputation for professionalism, confidence, and class in handling criminal cases.
"Committed to Personalized & Attentive Representation"

"You deserve someone who cares about your case.
Someone who will stand beside you and fight for you."

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*By appointment only.

*Case results are always fact specific and cannot be guaranteed or promised in any case. Additionally, some case resolutions take several months and up to and over a year to accomplish; some are accomplished after setting the case for a jury trial.; some cases require client to complete programs, community service, and provide certain documentation prior to a plea or dismissal; Keep reasonable expectations for your case.   

Burglary of a Habitation  REDUCED  May 6, 2019
*Second degree felony reduced to Class B Misdemeanor because all the elements of Burglary of a Habitation could not be proven; defense investigation revealed additional information;

Aggravated Assault Deadly Weapon  DISMISSED  April 30, 2019
*Further investigation revealed that an offense was not committed; alleged victim did not wish to prosecute;

Robbery  DISMISSED  April 12, 2019
*Exaggerated/weak charge; client never gained competency and was admitted to care of a nursing home through strong advocacy;

Resisting Arrest and Criminal Trespass  DISMISSED  March 19, 2019
*Poor police investigation; defense provided additional witness statements; client also provided proof of completion of community service and on-line classes; dismissed at second trial setting date;

Possession Controlled Substance PG1 4-200 grams  REDUCED  March 8, 2019
*Evidence did not fully support possession of 4-200 grams but possession under 1 gram; this resulted in a reduction of a Second Degree felony to a State Jail felony;

Sexual Coercion and Possesion Child Pornography     Feb. 21, 2019  Not Certified as Adult and Sex Offender Registration Deferred upon Completion of Treatment;
*Parents and counselors/experts developed a comprehensive plan for assessments and future treatment/supervision that was supported by the State and the Court;  A team effort that produced results supported by everyone;

Failure to Register as a Sex Offender    REDUCED to a Misdemeanor    December 21, 2018
*witness credibility issues;

Assault Bodily Injury  DISMISSED  December 13, 2018
*victim credibility issues; client provided proof of completion of community service hours, completion of a anger management course, and a donation to Tarrant County Food Bank;

Assault Bodily Injury  DISMISSED  November 20, 2018
*very poor investigation by law enforcement; evidence linking client to alleged offense extremely weak; dismissed after case placed on trial docket; 

Assault Bodily Injury - Family Violence  DISMISSED  November 9, 2018
*victim ultimately not interested in prosecution of client after case placed on trial docket; client provided proof of completion of community service, on-line anger class, and counseling sessions; 

Display Fictitious Motor Vehicle Registration  DISMISSED August 6, 2018
*provided proof of current vehicle registration and current insurance;

Aggravated Assault - Deadly Weapon    NO BILLED   August 21, 2018
*no evidence of deadly weapon; victim did not want to follow through with prosecution;

Burglary of a Habitation pending probation with new Assault case
Assault case DISMISSED and PROBATION REINSTATED   August 10, 2018
*new offense had extremely weak case facts; 

Theft Service $2500-30,000    NO BILLED    August 2, 2018
*Poor  investigation, no criminal intent, miscommunication between General Contractor and Subcontractor that should have been a civil dispute, IF anything;

Burglary of a Habitation with Intent to Commit Assault    NO BILLED     July 24, 2018
*follow-up defense investigation revealed additional witnesses and information; 

Felony Driving While Intoxicated REDUCED to a Class A DWI 2nd  July 20, 2018
*Challenged blood test results and field sobriety tests; many legal issues raised with both; client chose to plead to the reduced Class A plea offer; 

Forgery    DISMISSED  July 17, 2018
*No criminal intent when passing check; follow-up investigation by attorney revealed further case information;

Aggravated Assault Deadly Weapon    NO BILLED  July 12, 2018
*Poor investigation by law enforcement; witnesses and accused never interviewed; weak allegations with no evidence;

Possession Controlled Substance With Intent to Deliver 4-200gr PG1    
NO BILLED  May 1, 2018
*questionable traffic stop, poor affirmative links to drugs, and insufficient investigation;

Criminal Mischief $2500-30,000  NO BILLED April 11, 2018
*Conflicting witness accounts and poor investigation;

Assault Bodily Injury   JURY TRIAL - NOT GUILTY   April 10, 2018
*Victim/witness credibility issues and poor investigation by law enforcement;

Assault Bodily Injury   DISMISSED  April 4, 2018
*Witness credibility issues and poor investigation by law enforcement;

Assault Bodily Injury with Prior Conviction  DISMISSED  March 29, 2018
*Witness credibility issues and poor investigation by law enforcement;

Possession Marijuana u/2 oz  DISMISSED  March 29, 2018
*Strong advocation and some hard work on part of client produced a good result;

Aggravated Assault Deadly Weapon - NO BILLED  March 14, 2018
*Witness credibility issues, conflicting statements, and weak evidence;

Possession Controlled Substance u/28gr PG3  DISMISSED March 8, 2018
*Strong advocation and some hard work on part of client produced a good result;

Possession Marijuana u/2 oz  DISMISSED March 8, 2018
*Strong advocation and some hard work on part of client produced a good result;

Possession Controlled Substance u/1gr PG1  NO BILLED  March 5, 2018
*Illegal traffic stop;

Unlawful Possession of a Firearm by a Felon  NO BILLED February 27, 2018
*No prior felony conviction; actions by client not a violation of law.

Assault Bodily Injury - Impeding Breath  NO BILLED February 1, 2018
*Inconsistencies; self defense.

Assault Bodily Injury - Impeding Breath  NO BILLED     January 19, 2018
*Inconsistencies and credibility issues of alleged victim.

Assault Bodily Injury - Impeding Breath   NO BILLED  November 20, 2017
*Victim credibility issues, and weak investigation by law enforcement.

Assault Bodily Injury - Impeding Breath  REDUCED to Class C Offensive Words   Nov. 16, 2017
*Victim credibility issues resulted in a reduction in charges.

Possession Controlled Substance 4-200 PG1  DISMISSED; Possession Controlled Substance u/1gr PG2    DISMISSED;  Possession Controlled Substance u/1gr PG2  DISMISSED  
October 19, 2017   *Poor investigation by law enforcement.

Failure to ID     DISMISSED     October 16, 2017
*Client was found to not be in violation of the law; charge/arrest was an exaggeration of the situation.

Criminal Trespass     DISMISSED     October 11, 2017
*Client was victim of an assault and was at location to get help; instead of getting help, she was arrested and the assault was never investigated; prosecutor was compassionate for client's situation and dismissed the case;

Murder     5 years TDC to Manslaughter     September 22, 2017
*Jury trial ended in mistrial (hung jury); plea offer went from 40 years to 5 years on a reduced charge;

Theft $100-750      DISMISSED       September 7, 2017
*Defense investigation revealed that case investigation was very weak and that there was no evidence of a theft;

Possession Marijuana u/2oz      DISMISSED      August 14, 2017
*Defense investigataion revealed that client was innocent of charges;

 Aggravated Assault Deadly Weapon        NO BILLED           August 9, 2017
*Defense investigation revealed that alleged victim was not credible;

Aggravated Assault Deadly Weapon        NO BILLED           July 26, 2017
*Defense investigation revealed that alleged victim was aggressor;

Assault Bodily Injury – Family Member    NO BILLED           July 14, 2017
*Defense investigation revealed that client did not assault alleged victim and there were alternative explanations for injuries;

Possession Controlled Substance 1-4 gr Pg1          NO BILLED           July 7, 2017
*Client was passenger in vehicle with multiple persons; Defense investigation revealed that drugs linked to client were not his and that circumstantial links were questionable;

Theft $100-750      REDUCTION TO CLASS C (Fine only) CRIMINAL MISCHIEF May 4, 2017
*Defense investigation did not reveal an intentional theft but a situation which created a minor reckless action;

Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle       NO BILLED           April 24, 1017
*Defense investigation proved that client did not have sufficient knowledge that he/she was not authorized to driver or operate the vehicle;

Possession Controlled Substance 4-200gr Pg1 with Intent to Deliver and Possession Controlled Substance PG4 under 28 gr         Felony NO BILLED and Misdemeanor DISMISSED
*Defense investigation revealed weak link to drugs and law enforcement failed to fingerprint baggies;

Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child       DISMISSED          March 14, 2017
*Defense investigation revealed that the alleged victim’s allegation was not credible;

Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle       DISMISSED          March 14, 2017
*Defense investigation revealed substandard investigation by law enforcement agency;

Unlawful Carrying of a Weapon                 DISMISSED          March 1, 2017
*Defense investigation revealed that client had a legal right to possess the gun inside his vehicle due to threatening situation created by complainants;

Motion to Modify Probation alleging Unlawful Possession of a Firearm     DISMISSED          January 3, 2017
*Defense investigation reviewed witness credibility issues and lack of corroborating evidence;

Forgery and Possession Marijuana u/ 2oz              DISMISSED                          December 7, 2016
*Client completed community service hours, Theft Intervention program, submitted reference letters, a written apology to alleged victim, and provided proof of enrollment in college; Strong advocacy by attorney and hard work on the part of the client in conjunction with prosecutors willing to give client a second change produced an amazing outcome for client;

Aggravated Assault Deadly Weapon (2 cases)      November 10, 2016
One case DISMISSED  and the other REDUCED to Misdmeanor Deadly Conduct charge    
*Defense investigation revealed that threat to alleged victims was exaggerated;

Forgery and Probation Revocation – Possess Controlled Substance u/1gr Pg1
Felony case NO BILLED and Revocation DISMISSED           November 8, 2016
*Defense investigation revealed that there was no intent to defraud another;

Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle       NO BILLED           November 2, 2016
*Defense investigation revealed that client had permission to use or operate the vehicle and alleged victim reported offense to law enforcement for insurance purposes;

Possession Controlled Substance u/1gr PG1          NO BILLED           November 1, 2016
*Defense investigation revealed unlawful detention of client by law enforcement;

Possession Controlled Substance 4-200gr PG1 and Possession Controlled Substance u/28gr PG3  Felony case NO BILLED and Misdemeanor case          DISMISSED          October 14, 2016

Assault Bodily Injury and Evading Arrest/Detention           DISMISSED          July 8, 2016
*Client completed Batterer’s Intervention program; Strong advocacy by attorney and hard work by client in conjunction with a prosecutor willing to give client another chance produced an outstanding result;

Four Drug Cases (two felony and two misdemeanor) and a pending Felony Drug Offense Revocation
New cases NOT FILED and Probation REINSTATMENT      July 1, 2016
*Strong advocacy by attorney and client’s willingness to complete drug treatment produced a rare and amazing result;

Aggravated Sexual Assault – Disabled/Elderly      NO BILLED           May 27, 2016
*Defense investigation revealed substandard investigation by law enforcement;

Aggravated Assault Deadly Weapon        NO BILLED           May 26, 2016
*Defense investigation revealed that client was defending him/herself and was not the aggressor;

Aggravated Assault Deadly Weapon        NO BILLED           May 26, 2016
*Defense investigation revealed that alleged victim’s claims were exaggerated;

Interfering with a Police Officer                  DISMISSAL          March 17, 2016
*Defense investigation revealed poor investigation and substandard performance by reporting officer;

Aggravated Robbery and Aggravated Assault Deadly Weapon (X2)
All cases NO BILLED         March 8, 2016
*Strong advocacy at beginning of case produced an amazing outcome; Defense investigation revealed very poor law enforcement investigation and that victim was not an aggressor in the situation;

Theft by Check                   DISMISSAL          February 25, 2016
*Defense investigation revealed failure to give sufficient notice to client of lack of payment;

Engaging in Organized Crime – Theft                       NO BILLED                           February 10, 2016
*Defense investigation revealed that client was innocent of the charges;

Injury to the Elderly         NO BILLED           January 27, 2016
*Defense investigation revealed witness credibility issues;

Burglary of a Habitation (X3)                       DISMISSED                          January 21, 2016
*After a long defense investigation, a passed polygraph, and persistently proclaiming client’s innocence, all charged were dismissed;

Aggravated Robbery – Deadly Weapon                   DISMISSED          September 16, 2016
*Defense investigation revealed substandard law enforcement investigation;

Indecency Fondling                         DISMISSED                          March 9, 2016
*Defense investigation proved that client was innocent of the charges and investigation by law enforcement was substandard;

Robbery               REDUCED to Class A Assault        November 13, 2016
*Defense investigation revealed lack of deadly weapon;

Possession Controlled Substance u/1gr PG1          NO BILLED           January 1, 2015
*Defense investigation revealed weak affirmative links with drugs and client;