DWI Defense in Tarrant County

If you have been arrested for Driving While Intoxicated in Tarrant County, Texas it is important to retain an attorney immediately to aggressively fight your case at every stage. Whether your case involves a refusal to submit to testing, a blood test, a breath test, or a urine test, the Law Office of Sherry R. Armstrong can help. DWI is one of the most common offenses for which individuals are charged and vigorously prosecuted in Tarrant County. Intoxication offenses can have serious and often unexpected consequences including, driver license suspension, heavy fines, jail time, loss of state occupational license, loss of employment, mandatory interlock ignition device, or a criminal conviction.

Attorney Armstrong has almost two decades of experience as a prosecutor and a criminal defense attorney in Tarrant County. She has accumulated an unparalleled level of experience, has developed a reputation for excellence and has fostered relationships with the Courts and legal professionals on both sides of the aisle.

The Law Office of Sherry R. Armstrong offers an immediate review and investigation of the case to identify weaknesses in the government’s evidence. Forensic expert evaluation of the case is included, as well. This combination allows Attorney Armstrong to achieve the best possible outcome and provide personalized representation for clients.

Contact the Law Office of Sherry R. Armstrong without delay if you have been arrested for a Driving While Intoxicated offense in Tarrant County. Every case is unique and deserves a specially tailored legal defense.