First Time Offenses

First Time Offender Attorney in Tarrant County, Texas

As someone facing criminal charges for the first time and with no experience with the criminal justice system, it can be overwhelming, intimidating, and stressful. Texas is a tough on crime state but not everyone charged with a crime deserves punishment. With the help of a dedicated attorney, you can fight to keep your record clean.

Depending on the charged offense, there are several options available to an eligible first-time offender:

  • Communicating and negotiating with prosecutor: This involves strong advocation by your attorney with the prosecutor to reach the best possible outcome on your case and represent your best interests. Any mitigating factors would be presented that could result in the charges being dropped or reduced.
  • Diversion programs: These are programs designed to give an eligible first offender the chance at rehabilitation without the stigma of a criminal conviction. Examples of diversion programs are the Deferred Prosecution Program, First Offender Drug Program, Mental Health Diversion Program, Domestic Violence Diversion Program, Youthful Offender Diversion Alternative (YODA), and the Veteran’s Diversion Program.
  • Plea bargaining: In the event that a guilty plea is inevitable, this option involves strong advocacy by your attorney to emphasize your clean record, any mitigating factors, or a first time mistake to negotiate minimal probationary terms and conditions, withholding adjudication of guilty, avoiding jail time, or the most desirable case outcome possible under the circumstances for the client’s situation.

The Law Office of Sherry R. Armstrong will stand by you every step of the way and fight to defend your name, your reputation, and your rights. Attorney Armstrong will work with you to represent your best interests and develop an effective strategy to combat the allegations.

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