Theft Offenses

Tarrant County Theft or Shoplifting Offenses Defense Lawyer

If you are under investigation or have been arrested for a Theft or Shoplifting charge, the Law Office of Sherry R. Armstrong offers an immediate investigation into the allegations and a specifically tailored defense for your case. With almost two decades of experience as a prosecutor and as a criminal defense attorney defending citizens accused, Attorney Armstrong understands the Tarrant County Criminal justice system and has the experience and knowledge to see strategy from both sides of the courtroom.

In Texas, there are various types and degrees of theft crimes. Each crime is classified according to the value of the items allegedly stolen, and in some cases, the manner in which they were allegedly stolen. Generally, the greater the value of the item alleged to be stolen and if a person was threatened or injured during the alleged offense, the harsher the penalty will be. Attorney Armstrong has experience in the criminal litigation of the following theft related offenses:

  • Shoplifting
  • Robbery and Aggravated Robbery
  • Burglary of a Building or Habitation
  • Embezzlement or Fraud
  • Theft from a Person
  • Theft of a Firearm
  • Theft under $2500 with Two Prior Convictions
  • Theft of a Vehicle
  • Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle

Attorney Armstrong will explore alternative options to resolve your case such as eligibility for the Deferred Prosecution Program or work with the client to identify ways to develop mitigation evidence to advocate for dismissal of case, reduction of charges, or to minimize the punishment or probationary requirements. Contact the Law Office of Sherry R. Armstrong today to begin reviewing your charges and develop the best defense strategy for your case.