Sherry R. Armstrong

Sherry Armstrong

Committed to Personalized & Attentive Representation

Sherry is focused on one thing: protecting and safeguarding her clients’ rights and best interests. She does this by providing personalized and attentive legal representation that is hard to come by at many other firms. This is just one of the many factors that sets her apart from the rest.

Sherry has a unique blend of compassion and competitiveness.

She grew up in Louisiana and was a competitive tennis player and ice skater. She learned that hard work, dedication, and persistence give you an edge in battle. Sherry uses this same determination and passion as a criminal defense attorney.

While earning her bachelors and masters degree in Business and Organizational Psychology, Sherry worked as a resident assistant, hall director, and area director in Residential Life at Louisiana Tech University, Southern Methodist University, and University of Houston. She had a knack for compassion as she assisted and encouraged the growth and development of her residents by listening and helping them to resolve their concerns and issues.

Sherry earned her Juris Doctor degree at Texas Wesleyan University (now Texas A&M) and graduated Cum Laude (top 3%). She served as a Notes and Comments Editor on Law Review.

After law school, Sherry worked as an Assistant District Attorney negotiating hundreds of cases and honing her trial skills in a variety of areas including but not limited to Narcotics, Family Violence, Assaultive Offenses, DWI, Weapons Offenses, Theft Offenses, Murder/Manslaughter, Aggravated Robbery, and Sex crimes.

As your attorney, Sherry is dedicated to providing you with personalized and aggressive representation, as well as, guidance and support through the judicial process. The repercussions of criminal charges can alter your life forever. Sherry is one with whom you can feel comfortable. Her experience and skills as a trial lawyer have earned her a reputation for professionalism, confidence, and class in handling criminal cases.

“Each case and each client are unique and deserve an attorney who will dedicate time, attention, and care to the issues a client is facing.”‚Äč

-Sherry R. Armstrong